International Affairs

An art project of Danish-German friendship

Nancy Bech


Born in Esbjerg 1957

1996 Grafisk skole Århus 3 mdr. 

1998 AOF Vejle

2010 forår Stjernedrys billedskole 

2010 efterår Stjernedrys billedskole

2011 SAKs grafiske værksted koldnål

2011 SAKs emballage / chine collé

2012 Ærø kunsthøjskole ved Susan Hinnum

20 13 Ærø Kunsthøjskole ved Linda Bjørnskov

2015 Kursus ved Gitte Buch, naturabstraktioner

2016 Ærø Kunsthøjskole ved David Cobb

2017 Ærø Kunsthøjskole ved David Cobb


+45 30297862

I make paintings, acryl on canvas. The four paintings I have in the exhibition were painted in continuation of a project where I worked with the motif of women and where my approach was that they should appear without artefacts, no bags, flowers or anything else. The woman had to be portrayed in full figure. Originally I painted a whole series on wooden panels. Finally, I then painted these four on canvas. My intention was to express a mood that could reflect their state of mind. The pictures were painted in 2017.

Selected Exhibitions since 2017



Summer Group show / Galleri Korinth / Faaborg (Denmark, G)

Die Dänen kommen / Villa Blunk / Wriezen (Germany, G)

Klister Kunst / Galleri Korinth / Faaborg (Denmark, G)



Kulører i Korinth / Galleri Korinth / Faaborg (Denmark, G)

without title / Xporten / Hundested (Denmark, G)



Missing snow / Galleri Korinth / Faaborg (Denmark, G)



Filosoffen / Odense (Denmark, G)

Dronningegården / Odense (Denmark, G)

Cold Collage / Odense (Denmark, G)



Artist meeting / Pakhuset / Faaborg (Denmark, G)



Artist meeting / Pakhuset / Faaborg (Denmark, G)



Artist meeting / Pakhuset / Faaborg (Denmark, G)

From bare breasts to narrative portraits / Give Cultural Center / Give (Denmark, G)