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An art project of Danish-German friendship

Karen Madsen


+45 61672272

Scraping the surface to see what shows up behind the facade – finding the core, the essence – that is my drive. Over the last 25 years, my work with art has developed from abstract landscape paintings towards focusing on the deeper structures in the material and trying to find the essential elements of nature.


The last couple of years, Ive attempted to challenge and explore my painting by scraping away the surfaces in order to get closer to the impressions that create my expression. When I feel guided in the process and feel the connection between my material, my actions and something bigger than myself, that is when the magic happens. In that moment I experience the work coming together and something that wants to express itself in the painting comes out.


The drive behind my artistic work (painting, graphic, collage) is to find something universal, an experience of adding something new or finding a new perspective on something known. It is in nature I find my motives and choice of colours.

Selected Exhibitions since 2016