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Jonna Pedersen


Born in 1971, lives and works in Denmark

1999/2003/4 Visual Art Schools in London and Copenhagen

1996 Cand. Negot MA in language and culture, University of Southern Denmark

Member of: Artist Group PRO, Bkf Danish Visual Artists, KKS Female Artists Society, Kunsthal Vejle Advisory Board

Overall, my artistic practice is an exploration of the traces and identity of culture, often based on everyday life and the close. I like to draw attention to what is, but may not always be seen and experienced, but is often taken for granted.


Currently, the theme of my works is contemporary people and the reflections on being human in our time, expressed in the series “Existence”.


My study is based on the concept of reflexive nostalgia, which was introduced in 2001 by the Russian-American art and literature researcher Svetlana Boym (1959-2015). Not to be confused with restorative nostalgia that strives to rediscover and restore the lost from the past. Reflective nostalgia instead points to a longing for the lost, and the longing is used to reflect on the present and learn from the past.


In my works, I use what we long for as a mirror of our present. In several of the works, the focal point is to accept and dare to stand by oneself. In relation to being woman, man, sexuality, life stages. What does it mean to be human for better or worse? How can we learn from the past?


I often use boots and shoes as symbols of standing by oneself, having a point of view in life, but also moving on and going through life. I also consciously integrate humor and work with colorism as a means of expression. At first sight, my works might seem inviting and festive. Going further in depth, I hope the viewer experiences ambiguous messages that can evoke a reflection.


I work in different media such as painting, text, drawing, collage, digital collage, textile and readymade sculptures.

Selected Exhibitions since 2017



Yes. No! Maybe… / Kunsthal Vejle (S, Denmark)

PRO / Helligåndshuset (G, Denmark)

Klisterkunst / Galleri Korinth, Faaborg (G, Denmark)



EXISTENCE / Davis Gallery (S, Denmark)

Efter-billeder / JANUS West Jutland Art Museum / Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation(G, Denmark)

20 x Testimony / Kunsthal Vejle / Supported by Visual Arts Council in Vejle (G, Denmark)



[ Fone ] / Heerup Museum / (S, Denmark)

Cigarettes, Whisky and… / Gallerie Jaan (S, Denmark)

The 20 Commandments / Kunsthal Vejle, Vejle (S, Denmark)

PLAY room / Zaandam (G, Holland)

100% Female / Alkmaar (G, Holland)

Remix #5 / Galleri Kunstmix / Copenhagen (G, Denmark)



Ærø Kunsthal / Ærø (S, Denmark)

Table for Two / Bredgade Kunsthandel / Copenhagen (S, Denmark)

POPUP / Mika Gallery Tel Aviv @ The Refinery, New York (G, Israel & USA)

Museum Ovartaci / (G, Denmark)



Velbekomme! / Kunstforeningen Det Ny Kastet / Thisted (S, Denmark)