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Frauke Bohge


Frauke Bohge (born 1983) lives and works in Berlin.
2003 – 2011 Studies Fine Arts and Philosophy at Potsdam University
2011 – 2015 Work at Faculty of Arts (Dept. Prof. Dr. Hafner) at University Potsdam
Since 2008 national and international exhibitions.


+49 (0)179 5169873

In her most recent works, Bohge also deals with the human figure: strength and weakness,
remoteness and presence, as with the cityscapes and landscapes, it is about ambivalence
and the relativity of place and time. In addition, she continues to develop her preference
for materials on canvas and works with concrete, paper and textiles of different properties
and origins, adding some onto the canvas, transcending the boundaries of painting.

Selected Exhibitions since 2016



„Beyond Paradise“ / Artwerk / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Zimmerpflanzen“ / povvera / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Werkschau 2“ / Galerie Z22 / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Vom Suchen und Finden“ / Galleri Hera / Stockholm (E, Sweden)
„Berliner Luft“ / Galerie AC Noffke / Ratzeburg (G, Germany)
„Grasfressen – das Ende“ / Salon Grasfressen / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Dem Flüchtigen Dauer verleihen“ / Gotisches Haus / Berlin (G, Germany)
„DIE NEUEN“ / Verein Berliner Künstler / Berlin (G, Germany)



„Un – – schuldige Landschaften“ / Die Norddeutschen Realisten. / Galerie AC Noffke /
Ratzeburg (G, Germany)
„Salon Grasfressen 2021“ / Kunstverein Schwabmünchen (G, Germany)
„Denn wir wissen nicht, was sie tun“ / Atelierhof Kreuzberg / Berlin (with Anna-Lisa
Unkuri and Jan Beumelburg) (E, Germany)
„Verhinderte Schönheiten“ / Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Papier & Beton“ / Artroom Christoph Damm / Berlin (with Christoph Damm) (E, Germany


„STADTGLÜCK“ / Kunsthalle Brennabor / Brandenburg (Havel) (with Caty Forden) (E, Germany)
„Berlin – ein Kind, das noch im Traume lacht“ / Galerie feinart / Berlin (E, Germany)
„Corona Intra views“ / Galerie feinart / Berlin (G, Germany)
„La forza del corpo“ / povvera / Berlin (G, Germany)
„Corporation / Körperschaft“ / K-Salon / Berlin (G, Germany)



„Berlin – Paris“ / Maitre Albert Gallery / Paris (with Catherine Bourdon) (E, France)
„100 Jahre Groß-Berlin“ / Galerie at Kurt-Schumacher-Haus / Berlin (G, Germany)
Anniversary Exhibition at The Ballery / Berlin
„Inner Eye“ / Galleri Hera / Stockholm (E, Sweden)


Bundesfinanzministerium (Federal Ministry of Finance) / Berlin (E, Germany)
„Land Stadt Land“ / Landtag Brandenburg (State Parliament Brandenburg) / Potsdam (G, Germany)
„2018“ / Salon Grasfressen / Berlin (G, Germany)


„Here and there“ / Galleri Hera / Stockholm (E, Sweden)
„On Paper“ / Kunstsalon Art-Consult / Berlin (E, Germany)