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An art project of Danish-German friendship

Claudia Borowsky


Born in Peine (Germany) in 1977

1998 – 2002 Apprenticeship as a stonemason in Ulm

2005 – 2010 studied special education at the Catholic University of applied Sciences Freiburg, graduated as Bachelor of Arts

2012 – 2018 studied contemporary sculpture at the EMK in Freiburg-Munzingen, graduated with diploma                              

Member of the BBK Südbaden

Lives and works in Freiburg

In her artworks, Claudia Borowsky explores materials. She reasearches its characteristic, possibilities and limits. Her material influences the process of creation, the content and the expression of her artworks and becomes in this way the co-author. The Freiburg artist works with concrete and nylon. Based on experiments with dough, she fills heavy concrete mass into nylon tights, forms it, exposes it to gravity or strains the tights into expansive installations. The concrete sculptures and installations seem like early forms of the organic. They refer to the origin of the creation of form, to the moment when a form begins to emerge. In addition to installations and abstract sculptures, she creates figurative works which shows the human being in its originality and vulnerability.

Selected exhibitions



“Schwebezustand” / Künstlerhaus Zigarre,  Heilbronn (Germany, S)

„KunstRaumKirche“  / Lukaskirche, Freiburg-St. Georgen (Germany, G)



„looking at a blackbird“ (regionale 22) / Kunstverein Freiburg (Germany, G)

„Menschsein“ / Showroom Heinz Wagner Sektmanufaktur, St. Blasien (Germany, S)

 „30 Jahre Kunstverein March“ / Kunstverein March ( Germany, G)

„Krop og liv, liv og lemmmer“, mit Steffen Blunk / Galleri Korinth, Faaborg (Denmark, G)

„CuxPaperArt21“ / Schloss Ritzenbüttel, Cuxhaven (Germany, G)



„Geborgenheit träumt mich“ / Kunstverein Heidenheim (Germany, S)

„Papier.Beton“ / einraum, Braunschweig (Germany, S)   

„zwischenwach“ / Künstlerhaus Ulm (Germany, S)



„zähhell”/ Villa Blunk, Wriezen (Germany, S)

 „introducing“ / T66,  Freiburg (Germany, G)

 „strange attractors“ / depot.K, Freiburg (Germany, G)

 „als ich wie ein Vogel war“ / Kunstverein March (Germany, S)

 „transformart“ / Rathenau Hallen, Berlin (Germany, G)



„Relação“ / E-Werk,  Freiburg (Germany, G)

 „global paper 4“ / Stadtmuseum Deggendorf (Germany, G)



„OOO Object Oriented Ontology” (Regionale 18) / Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland, G)

„UND#9“, Dragoner Kaserne, Karlsruhe (Germany, G)